Individual 2 Students (Per Person) 3 Students 4 Students 5 Students
Private Lesson – Half Hour $65
Private Lesson – 50 Minutes $95 $60 $50 $45 $40
Series of 3 50-Minute Lessons $255 $170 $140 $130 $115
Series of 6 50-Minute Lessons $495 $325 $260 $250 $215
Series of 10 50-Minute Lessons $800 $500 $400 $370 $320
Series of 3 Half Hour Lessons $180
Series of 6 Half Hour Lessons $335
Series of 10 Half Hour Lessons $500

Trackman Training

Track Your Shots! 1 hr – $60

Learn why your shots fly as they do. Understand your shot results like you’ve never known before. Trackman Training sessions are designed to help you hit your ball better faster. Know your club head speed, ball speed, carry distance, and more. Your training environment will be fully set up, including unlimited range balls and data analysis by Gerry Benton, golf professional/club fitter.

Ladies Only!

4 – Class Series of Lessons – $199

Hey Ladies, this is your chance to play and learn in a group where boys are not allowed! Sign up for a series of 4-1.5 hour classes and you’ll improve your skills, get out on the golf course and have fun!

Ladies Only! 2.0

4 Sessions On Course – $224

Hey Ladies, It’s time to take your skills to the course!! Sign up for a series of 4 sessions and each day we will go play golf on the golf course! Learn about golf skill as we actually play golf! Meet new golfing buddies and have some fun! Join Us!

Junior Golf Clinics

Check Out This Page For Our Junior Clinics